Sunday, April 11, 2010


The very creative blogger, n a t s u m i tagged me today in her lovely blog. It's a happy thing, let me say. :)
So ... I pick seven nice blogs which bring sunshine to my heart everyday :

- On My Way | Elisabelle
- lea bolvig |  Lea
- la porte rouge | Nadia
- inna karenina | Inna
- tiny red | Thereza
- Anna Emilia | Anna Emilia
- Chez Spud | Judith

Have a bit of sunshine in your tea, today!

~ et lille oejeblik : This is totally okay, dear Trine. :) Yes I had seen those lovely cloud cookies before. They are adorable. By the way, so happy to finally know what "et lille oejeblik" means! ;)
~ emily : I am so well dear one, have a lovely day!
~ Pittsburgh Perambulations : I love making inspiration mosaics, would love to see yours. :)
~ Shaddy : Pick up the clouds and put them in your coffee. I believe they smell like candy!  Are you feeling better dear?
~ Kiki : Sure!
~ la ninja : Carly Simon? It's sad not to know her. Please give me a clue. :)



isabelle said...

oh.... wow.... so sweet of you!!!!!
thank you:)

Anonymous said...

oh, thank you Shokoofeh!:)

Di said...

the tea looks lovely! The tea infusing with the water is well captured!

Sara said...

I need tea so bad!!

Yelena R. said...

Tea and flowers and sunshine...what could be better? Lovely photos!

twin xl said...

Thanks for the list of new blogs for me to check out :)

Matthew Spade said...

they really are some lovely pictures, i want some nice tea now

●• Thereza said...

ohh thanks, you're so sweet! :)
wishing lots of sunshine to you too!

avant garde design said...

perfect! la porte rouge is one of my favorite blogs as well. you have definitely made everyone crave a hot cup of tea! happy monday...

شهریار said...

You are much more creative than him (natsumi) is not only a simple good sentence but also it is a pure true about your blog, your creativity and your beautiful mind.

natsumi said...

So pretty! I am a tea lover. I am having a green tea right now. These photos make me feel relaxed! Thank you!

spudballoo said...

Oh bless you! You are the kindest person....this has made my day...xx