Monday, November 21, 2011


This is so funny that I had totally forgotten about a third roll of film swap which Julie and I did very long time ago! But you know it seems that the film knew about the poor result so it hid itself from me; because when today I picked up the developed film from lab and scanned it, I could barely see any of Julie's exposures there! (Sorry Julochka!)
They are not really satisfactory as "film Swap" shots but I like them as they are. 

p.s. Thank you so much ladies, it's great to know that you're still here. :)


Monday, November 14, 2011


Hello friends.
It's me. Shokoofeh! 
From a cold Monday night. 

Life has been a whirlwind lately.
Work. Projects. Portfolio. Thinking. Processing ideas. Writing. Letters. 
And I am in the midst of applying to graduate school. 

We even had snow in the early November!

I am feeling fine.
I miss here so much. I actually miss this blog, and taking daily photos. 
I miss you, and your comments. 
But I am there most of the times, which is easy and inspiring. 

So don't forget me, please?
I will be back to you so soon! xo


Thursday, November 3, 2011


My creation
 credits : 1. SILENT CHARM, 2. I'm back, 3. Snow, 4. little gibson tuck

It's all about gratitude. To be reminded of all the things you've always had.
All the things in your life which are so naturally yours that you forget about. 
The simplest, tiniest, most implicit in your soul; your flesh.

To be reminded of how life can be unsophisticated sometimes. 
If you just want it to be. 

The simply happy moments between two seconds; between two short breaths.
Just the feeling of being alive. Being able to laugh. to hug. to touch. 
To feel.

It's not easy all the time, the life I mean.
But it's so simple and so magically yours which you can't help but falling in love with it. 

Happy November, world.