Friday, July 30, 2010



Good evening friends!
I am working on an illustration project on the theme of owls. I thought I would share this little one with you.
Say hoot hoot! :)


Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hello my lovely friends! :)
I am back to the normal blogging routine, hopefully! 

Just want to say a very big thank you for your sweetest words. You always brighten my days. And that's why I won't stop doing this little blog thing. You're awesome! :)

By the way, do you check A New Simple Tumblr?!  It has already become one big resource of inspiration! It's funny to say, but I really like it! :) 

So... that's it. Now it's time to check my favorite blogs, sip my tea and enjoy the very very tiny signs of autumn. Wish you a beautiful Thursday! xo


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Last night I learned something very important in my life. That you can not ever hate yourself as long as you are loved. You can be disappointed or feel sorry for yourself, but you can't hate your soul. You can't hate your body, you just can sulk. And that's a very different thing. 

Many years ago when I started reading philosophy books I realized that, for me, world would be such a hard place if I want to live it in the deep philosophical manner. Those days in my stripling were so hard because I was choosing. I was deciding which lifestyle is mine. I was sixteen or seventeen that finally those feelings, those thoughts fade away. And I was happy for my decision; the happy life. The simply happy life

There were times in all these years that harsh thoughts came back. The last few weeks was one of those. I started to have bad feelings about me. About my appearance. And about the twenty five years I've lived.  I felt that it wasn't enough. That I hadn't lived my life plenty.  I started to gain weight. And everything looked unnecessarily unworthy...

I am saying these because this is my place; my journal to keep track of my feelings. To keep remember that I am prosperous. That life is just a beginning. And that I need to spend it the way I want. Nothing else is real. For me, reality of life is defined in smiles and happiness. It's defined in being in love. And seeing the beauty. I know that it sometimes seems hard to ignore other ways. But it's been possible for me to be like this. Simply happy.

Today I am fine.  I told you, you just can't keep feeling bad when you're loved. And that's all that matters.  


Monday, July 19, 2010


Hello friends. 
I hope you're all doing great. Here, in this little corner of my world heat has become a serious issue. And generally I don't feel really fresh. I feel the urge to change. And the words are so hard to use.
That's it. I hope, I really hope that I can get into the swing of things very soon. 

And a very big excuse to all those of you who leave nice and beautiful comments or send emails and don't get any respond from me. I do check your blogs. I do read your emails. And I am really thankful. I promise I will be a better responder to you. 

Enjoy your moments; and if you can send some positive vibe to me sometimes, please. :)


Thursday, July 15, 2010


Last year today I was in Fritzlar, Germany. I can't believe it's almost one year. I also can't believe that last night was the eighth anniversary of being in love with the man of my life. Eight years of growth and joy. 

 And please excuse the rare appearance of me and my posts here.  These days are strange.


Sunday, July 11, 2010


Good afternoon!
I am here for a short update.

I've started a tumblr blog. A place for gathering everything inspiring I find around the web. You can follow me here : 
A New Simple Tumblr!  I am sure you will enjoy it. :)

And for being more connected to the web world there is still a "links part" here. 

- Spread the love of mixtapes! The mixtape project
- One great illustrator on Flickr. Simona Cordero.
- Bursting balloons photographs.  Edward Horsford, interview and tutorial. Amazing!
- Dyeing with plants. CozyMemories. My new obsession.
- Temporary drawings on sand, earth and ice. The art of Jim Denevan.
Very beautiful.

Good Day! xo


Friday, July 9, 2010


09 July

Hi friends!
Today we have a guest; her name is Summer!

Making ice tea with mint and lime. Chill and fresh.
Preparing peaches for compote. Sweet and tender.
And those sour cherries, pretty and red!

Summer is on our kitchen's table,  anyone wants to taste?!


Thursday, July 8, 2010


Do you like eggplant? If so, you have to try my new recipe!

Peel and slice eggplants. Add salt and leave them aside for few hours in a strainer. In a little bowl whisk the egg white and heat the oil in a pan. Dip the eggplants into egg white and fry in oil until gold brown. So delicious, trust me! 

Have a beautiful day, everyone!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


05 July

04 July

Saturday is the first day of week here in Iran. It has nothing to do with holiday or small road trips or other things you mostly do on this day. It's just a day that school kids don't like at all! And for me a day like any other days. 

 ... My mother used to weave carpet. Then she had wrist pain and stopped doing that. But it's nice to me that now I have lots of beautiful fibers! 

These photos are taken on "Saturday". 


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


03 July

1. A little collection of my lilliputian creatures.
2. Lunch. Healthy and beautiful.
3. A closer look of lilliputians.
4. Things I have in my bag.

I want to tell you something : 
The thing that I love the most about blogging is ... that my readers are from all over the world.
I truly can't explain this feeling, but I am sure if you're also a blogger you definitely know what I am saying.
It's wonderful, isn't it?!

I sometimes take a look at my blog stats and smile.
And imagine myself in your cities and towns.
I see myself in New York or in Arizona visiting Grand Canyon.
I see myself wearing colorful dresses in New Delhi ...
or enjoying the rain in Warwickshire.

The thought of being in Calgary or London, Bohinj in Slovenia or Tampere in Finland, Göteborg or Kuala Lumpur, Seoul or Tokyo, Erkelenz in Germany or Ecatepec in Mexico...
The thought of visiting everywhere in this world is amazing! 

 update : It seems that comments don't show up here in comment section.. I get them in my e-mail so I can read them but they disappear a few minutes after you leave them here. What's happening?! Anyone has any idea?


Friday, July 2, 2010


Hello everyone! 
How are you today? I am doing very well. Finally very well. And I baked cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. They taste so good.
Now I am off to two cups. My second cup of tea and the world cup! Do you watch? Has your country been in this year?! It's exciting if so.

See you soon! xo


Thursday, July 1, 2010


01 July

Good afternoon!

I had told you before that Julie and I are going to do a little film project together. Naturally you should wait bit longer to see and to hear more about it. But I can tell you that the films arrived today from Denmark along with many beautiful things. The clarity bird whose name is Cinnamon. Lovely little moleskin with Julochka's print on it. Cupcake cards. Love them all! 
Thank you Julochka, you made my day. With smiles.