Thursday, July 1, 2010


01 July

Good afternoon!

I had told you before that Julie and I are going to do a little film project together. Naturally you should wait bit longer to see and to hear more about it. But I can tell you that the films arrived today from Denmark along with many beautiful things. The clarity bird whose name is Cinnamon. Lovely little moleskin with Julochka's print on it. Cupcake cards. Love them all! 
Thank you Julochka, you made my day. With smiles.



inna said...

lucky you!:) the moleskin and the bird and the cards look so lovely. can't wait to see and hear more about the project later!

julochka said...

so happy they made it safely! i'm bouncing off the walls, thinking about the creative potential of this project!! yay!!!

matilda said...

Love the "aromatic" bird!

one planet said...

love these handcrafts tks