Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I took these photos for "corner view" in Yazd which is normally a warmer city than Tehran. For me the color of spring is pink, but it was late for Yazd's blossoms this time of year.

More Corner Views.

I am happy that you guys are here. :)


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am back from my trip to Yazd. It was lovely.
Form and inspiration are two words that come to my mind about this city right now. 
I am too tired, still packed and have to wake up early in the morning. So will upload more photos later.

Welcome to my blog, if you're new here. :)

Good night.


Thursday, March 25, 2010


This is all green here.

We are taking a trip to Yazd tomorrow. I won't be around for four or five days. 

Please enjoy your moments. Say hi to spring. Make something new. Make our world more beautiful by your smile. 
and B R E A T H E ...


~ Ida Nielsen : I boiled the eggs and the veggies separately. Let them cool then put the eggs in dye for a few hours. I also added one spoon of white vinegar.
I found a different recipe for natural coloring today. I will try it this time. :) Oh and haven't you received a package!? :D
~ Robin : Yes and it's really fun to make them!
~ souljane : Really? I didn't know that.
~ Caroline : :-) Yes they are.
~ Simone : wow what a fabulous idea!
~ Tara Thayer : Thank you so much dear Tara for visiting and for the lovely comment. You're so right. We're sometimes so closely similar to each other, wherever we are. :)
~ Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem : Thank you. :)
~ Ju : Chocolate? Sorry dear don't get it ... :(
~ Jeannette : Have a lovely week too!
~ Sarah : Thanks Sarah.
~ PROVINS : Aw thank you!
~ Clair : Thank you so much, Clair.
~ Julie : That's right. I think I need to use spinach. Thank you for saying!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This year I decided to try egg dyeing with natural colors for Haft-Sin . I used red onion skins for brown, beets for purple, carrots for yellow and that white one supposed to be green with some green veggies!
I like their natural hues. I think I will do it in more different colors again.

~ Simone : Well... there were two different groups of eggs. One group in the last post were used for pancakes! But I also dyed some eggs naturally with vegetables which were eaten the morning after new year celebration :)
~ Sara : Thank you so much dear girl! :)
~ michelle : Yes, you're so right. Their colors remind me the childhood days as well. Thank you dear! :)
~ janis : Thanks!
~ Daisy : Aw happy Nowruz to you too dear Daisy :)
~ Pravina Studio : Thank you :)
~ poet : It is always nice to have you here dear friend.
~ emily : Welcome back Emily.
~ Caroline : Thanks!
~ Mandy : Thank you for visiting Mandy. xo


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Pictures from Nowruz first night. Dyed eggs. Haft-seen. Flowers. Gifts and smiles.

The past two days were all about visiting family and friends. Today I am home to organize and set some plans for coming days. Will share more about our new year traditions with you so soon.

Thank you so much everyone for lovely comments. They all made me smile.


Friday, March 19, 2010


Twelve photos from the past twelve months.

Last year had so many ups and downs for us here. Lovely personal moments and sad social days. I don't like to mention those awful days we had last year, though I will never forget. But I can think about the beautiful times I  had and smile widely! :)

I am so looking forward this new year. I am so praying for peace. And I am so hopeful.

I'm still working and thinking about my resolutions list. All I know right now is that I want to be more productive, more creative, and less a dreamer. Here is my last year's list.


~ Shaista : Oh it's fabulous; yes I will post about it definitely! :)
~ Simone : Thank you so much dear!
~ Robin : wow Robin! It made me happy! :)
~ Jeanne-ming : Thank you my dear :)
~ Annabelle : Thanks dear Annabelle! xo
~ n a t s u m i : Thank you so much Natsumi! :)
~ شهریار : I am happy that my blog makes you feel close to your missed ones. I've never been away for a long time from my family and friends but I am sure that would be the hardest of things. I hope you have a lovely Nowruz and a great year. I hope this year goes for us, Iranians. :)
~ spudballoo : Aw Judith I will tell you more about Nowruz, and right now I am packing some light for you. :)