Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This year I decided to try egg dyeing with natural colors for Haft-Sin . I used red onion skins for brown, beets for purple, carrots for yellow and that white one supposed to be green with some green veggies!
I like their natural hues. I think I will do it in more different colors again.

~ Simone : Well... there were two different groups of eggs. One group in the last post were used for pancakes! But I also dyed some eggs naturally with vegetables which were eaten the morning after new year celebration :)
~ Sara : Thank you so much dear girl! :)
~ michelle : Yes, you're so right. Their colors remind me the childhood days as well. Thank you dear! :)
~ janis : Thanks!
~ Daisy : Aw happy Nowruz to you too dear Daisy :)
~ Pravina Studio : Thank you :)
~ poet : It is always nice to have you here dear friend.
~ emily : Welcome back Emily.
~ Caroline : Thanks!
~ Mandy : Thank you for visiting Mandy. xo



Ida Nielsen said...

I like their soft colours, too! So pretty! Did just boil the eggs along with the veggies?

Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem said...

What lovely natural colours. They make a nice change to the bright garish ones in the stores!

Robin said...

These eggs are beautiful, I may have to try this. :)

souljane said...

It's such a more natural look - the best thing about this is you can save your dies for some tie dye shirt afterwards - beautiful!

Caroline said...

I love the colors of these eggs... very calming!! xo

Simone said...

ahhhh..I have decided to use the left over eggs to make individual braided breads with the dyed eggs inserted between the ropes :)

Ju said...

They are gorgeous. All you need is some chocolate inside now hehe.

Jeannette said...

Very pretty. The red one especially. I might try that later this week.
Have a great week, Jeannette

Sarah said...

This is so cool, they're so pretty!

PROVINS said...

So beautiful.. totally beats my water-coloured ones!!

Claire said...

These are beautiful! I really liked how you used natural dyes :)

Julie said...

what a great idea, they all look so gorgeous!! maybe spinach would have added more green? Maybe you already tried that.