Thursday, August 21, 2014

Two Years


Six years ago I started A New Simple Something as a little humble home for all my feelings; an outlet for all the words and thoughts and impressions that perhaps didn't own a place in "real" world. It and I grew older and older together. We found friends. We found our way. 
Then, two years ago I moved. I left home and many other things and came to the US. I didn't plan at once to stop blogging, to stop sharing, to stop being part of this amazing community that I used to call "my community" . But life was being changed exceedingly. Life was becoming... I don't know, maybe too real! And I was overwhelmed, better to say I HAVE BEEN overwhelmed for the whole past two years of my life. I try  to channel most of these sensations towards my art practice, but there are times that I deeply miss my old simple corner here, the old simple me. 
So here I am on a partly sunny August day, starting a new chapter of an old story!