Saturday, August 29, 2009


My sweet friends, these are a few lovely links in this exciting web world I would like to share with you :

-Color Me Katie asks some cute questions.

-Jalene's wonderful 30 days. (I'm going to write my own list of things I would do if I had 30 days to live)

-My post as guest blogger over at English Muse.

-Famapa & Sandra's Movements.

Thank you!

oh and the picture! is Dario, the sunshine of my life!

Friday, August 28, 2009

I CALL IT {A R T} ... Jeanne-ming Brantingham

Jeanne-ming, a wonderful portrait painter shares her beautiful story with us:
...We settled into an old Japanese house, left over from the occupation of Taiwan on a dusty lane called Wu Fung Road. In those first months I tried to make friends. Initially it was easy, for I have strawberry blond hair and was tall and gangly. The Chinese kids on my street were curious wanting to touch my hair and count my freckles. They found my moles a great oddity and a game were started to see who could count all the spots on my arms the fastest. I would stand like a scarecrow in the middle of the street being picked over. I endured it. It was a great way to learn how to count. I started picking up the language, but the kids would laugh at my misuse of tones and vocabulary. (I once called the Lord, a Pig…same sound, different accent) So I learned quickly that I could make myself better understood by drawing in the dirt or on our courtyard walls...

... In the center of our street was a water pump. In the evening, all the women, no matter maid or mistress would gather there to draw water, twirl chopsticks, wash out rice bowls and gossip. I loved to listen to their conversations. It was like a game, trying to decipher their words. At first, the women did not think I understood, giving me total freedom to flit about almost invisibly, listening in on all the gossip and news. I would hear the long laments of women who talk only to them selves and their chores. I heard whispered and clucking conversations between Mothers and Daughters, sisters, rivals and lovers. It wasn’t long before I knew what everyone was thinking...

...When I was 12, I would hang out at one of my friend’s home whose father was a former movie director in Shanghai during the 30’s. His starlet wife had run off and all his financial backers had disappeared and run out of favor with the new government. He had come to Taiwan as a refugee in 1949. He was flamboyant and artistic. Everyday he produced one flawless brush painting or calligraphy. Long strips of fluttering rice paper hung on bamboo poles in his study as if laundry hanging out to dry. He gave me my first painting instruction in line and contrast. (Also my first exposure to blogging…he pasted a brush painting on his front gate everyday.) ...

...For almost 25 years, I laid down my own artist yearnings. I married, had children, worked in Asia for big gift and entertainment companies (yuck) and like many, just kept my head above water. I avoided art galleries and museums because they reminded me of what I might be able to do, but wasn’t....

...My husband and I retired 11 years ago and moved to America to be closer to our college age children but I had never lived anywhere except in Asia and so the experience of moving to Whidbey Island, in America’s northwest, was the most terrifying journey I had ever made. Once here I was desperately homesick for Taiwan. All of my immediate family, still live scattered around the provinces of greater China. Slowly, I would get news of my friends and neighbors, the same ones I had eavesdropped in on and to now hear their tales from afar broke my heart. That’s when I started painting again...

...I felt their portraits needed the walls. I needed to find a medium that would give me the texture that is so much a part of the architecture of Southern China and Taiwan. I tried pen and ink, charcoal, water colors, acrylics. All these attempts felt wrong for the portraits I wanted to produce. One day I was repairing a wall in our living room. Dry wall joint compound is like plaster and is a product commonly used in America for the interior walls of houses. It feels like cake frosting and as I repaired the wall, I marveled at how much it felt like the cheap plaster we used in Chai Yi for our courtyards. I covered the small fist size hole and kept going. I re-plastered the whole room. Then I painted it Taiwan Cinnabar Red. That night I rushed out to my garage and plastered a board then picked up a nail and carved the face of Uncle Tu. (Shanghai movie director) Since then, I have pasted a portrait on my gate almost everyday.

What you read was some selected parts of her original letter to me. I thought it would be very inspiring for many of you, because it was for me.
I found very aesthetic values in her art. the characterized portraits, the lights, the stories ... all are appeared very beautifully!

check her lovely art {here} over at her blog.

Thank you so much dear Jeanne ming for letting us know more about you and your art!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I think there is something whimsical (this is my first time that I am using this word! oh {whimsical} is really magical!!!). what was I saying? aha, something whimsical about the cities which have rivers.

I think a river can brings kind of soul into a city. It's alive and beautiful. Watching the water-the very divine water, the sunshine and the riverside walks are really joyful ...

I think I want to live in a city with a river ... so maybe I should start looking for it! I'm sure it's not Paris, but well Paris and its Seine were really lovely!

Is there any river there where you live?! by the way! where do you live, my friends?!


I couldn't get a pro Flickr account yet, so these photos are not uploaded in my main photostream, but you can see the original sized ones and a few more photos from Seine {here}.

oh and something very important to tell! dears, please read this post of Tina if you haven't till now, and if you find it as important as I did, please post it at your own blogs or link to it.

thank you so much for caring!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Dreamy, feminine with the gentle sense of autumn wardrobe...
Inmost Light at her {flickr} {blog} and {etsy shop}.

Monday, August 24, 2009

1:00 am post

it's 1:00 am here and I am so very busy with cleaning my room and organizing my stuff. I hope I can finish it by tonight. then tomorrow will be a beautiful day!

so ... I have a few things for you :

-These lovely pages of Sessun's autumn collection :

-This {five tips from Susannah Conway} at Simply Hue.

-Our darling Sara's birthday tomorrow. happy birthday sweet girl!

-have you heard about Nina and her Simon?! They are engaged! Congratulations!!! it's so sweet!

-and this cute blog!

Good night!



Kauri is my new favorite photographer/artist. I love when she gently says:
I love candyfloss not because of its sweet taste, but its soft and fluffy texture and the simple pastel colour.
That's why I love photos in light and pastel colour with soft focus.
That's why I love soft and quiet music with nostalgic melody.

Kauri has a very beautifully designed website and a Flickr of course!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hello everyone. There are a few more photos of my trip to Berlin. The city of beautiful biking ladies and great memorials for world war victims.
I loved Berlin! and I think I couldn't get enough of it!
I hope I visit there again. and this time I will spend more days there.

in the case you want to see more photos from Berlin, click here at my Flickr!

p.s. you are not getting tired of my travel photos, are you?! Should I post less about them?! What do you want to see more here at A New Simple Something? please tell me your favorite parts because I really want to know!!!
I think I need to create a reader survey...

Friday, August 21, 2009


Recently I am thinking of some {close to nature} plans for me and for anyone else who is interested.
During my trip in Fritzlar I found it out that nature can brings an unbelievable amount of inspiration.
when you're walking through nature... observing the just so perfect images, each one like a beautiful frame of art... hearing the birds, the wind, the rain ... and feeling the air on your skin, on your face, between your fingers... when you're in nature... everything is just so simply beautiful!
but we are living in the cities. in crowded, dirty and noisy cities! and it sounds vital to dedicate a time to nature in any possible way.
so my dear friends!
what do you think? what are your ideas to get closer to it?
maybe spending one day a week in mountains? maybe every day's walks in the park or maybe collecting photos which brings that feeling?!
feel free to share your thoughts with us!

and let's celebrate the nature!

Check Chelsea Fisher's {Flickr} and {website} for more beautiful photos.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


{Update} ... after hearing Dalai Lama's speech; we drove to Frankfurt for a little city sightseeing. it was a nice sunny day and people were preparing for a summer festival. I found Germany a celebrating country! wherever I visited they had a festival at the time!

Monday, August 17, 2009


today, I am guest blogging on English Muse!
it's about a vintage photo contest.
so make sure to check this gallery. and read more about it here.


p.s. this is my favorite photo of the contest. and I have a big reason for it! this cute boy so looks like Farshad when he was a kid! :D oh I love this photo!


My dear friend, Niloofar has come back.
and last night we had a lovely night with girls.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


What I liked the most about Berlin was its beautiful river, Spree. and more than the river itself, I found the bridges so very fun! people up there look at you, smile and shake hands. it's a perfect connection you make in just one moment. and then you pass by. and remember the faces.