Monday, August 24, 2009


Kauri is my new favorite photographer/artist. I love when she gently says:
I love candyfloss not because of its sweet taste, but its soft and fluffy texture and the simple pastel colour.
That's why I love photos in light and pastel colour with soft focus.
That's why I love soft and quiet music with nostalgic melody.

Kauri has a very beautifully designed website and a Flickr of course!


blue moss said...

i love these....thanks so much for the introduction
so glad you came for a visit so that i could find your lovely blog

Shaddy said...

There is a feeling of peacefulness with this lighting.

Very nice and calming.

rachel said...

So dreamy! I like the one with the shoes – it has a sense of humor to it, too.

inmost_light said...

so dreamy and lovely!