Friday, August 21, 2009


Recently I am thinking of some {close to nature} plans for me and for anyone else who is interested.
During my trip in Fritzlar I found it out that nature can brings an unbelievable amount of inspiration.
when you're walking through nature... observing the just so perfect images, each one like a beautiful frame of art... hearing the birds, the wind, the rain ... and feeling the air on your skin, on your face, between your fingers... when you're in nature... everything is just so simply beautiful!
but we are living in the cities. in crowded, dirty and noisy cities! and it sounds vital to dedicate a time to nature in any possible way.
so my dear friends!
what do you think? what are your ideas to get closer to it?
maybe spending one day a week in mountains? maybe every day's walks in the park or maybe collecting photos which brings that feeling?!
feel free to share your thoughts with us!

and let's celebrate the nature!

Check Chelsea Fisher's {Flickr} and {website} for more beautiful photos.


in company with sparkles said...

Oh yes, I want to be outside more! The desert when its cool is the only opportunity for that here, but in the summer in Washington I was outside so much. Lying on the grass...drawing, writing, singing, reading, walking, breathing deeply! It was beautiful.

And being outside, especially at night or early morning, helps me to talk to God better too I think.


Shaddy said...

Now that I have my own camera and my own blog, I've found myself noticing the beautiful offerings of nature. Without my camera, I don't pay as much attention to nature.

I started out simply writing for my blog. After a while, I decided to post a picture with my writing. Eventually, I began posting more pictures and less words.

I plan to try to have a camera with me at all times. That way I'll have plenty of opportunities to capture the often unexpected treasures that nature bestows on a nonstop basis.

The Daily Poster said...

Great idea! Spending time in nature is true food for the soul... But if you can't be in touch with it as much as you wish my advice is indulge in the poetry of the Romantic period in English literature wich is infused with nature related themes...

Meg said...

My advice is to grow your own food. Even if you just start with a pot of herbs. xx

Alicia said...

I completely understand your feeling of inspiration from nature. I was in the mountains for a week earlier this summer and felt overwhelmed by the inspiration around me! I definitely try to take in the park or gardens when I can to find a bit of inspiration.