Thursday, March 19, 2009

Everything seems completely incomplete!

I can remember all that past new year times. I can remember me in those moments... I don't know what wrong with the whole universe is in this moment of year that I always feel absolutely tense and upset! every year! every damn year! and I hate it!
and this year is...Oh! totally freaky ...
Farshad's absence, Shoaleh & Ali & Dario's absence,not celebrating the new year at home and a lot more are hatefully freaking me out!
I know, I just have to get calm and think about tomorrow. I'm sure everything will be fine...
but I just wish I closed my eyes and then <<BOOMMM>> suddenly everything had changed!!!!
I really miss my buddies ... :( and I really need my {love} here... I need his voice to whisper to me and remind me all the beauties I have in my life ... and let me cry in his arms ... oh I just want to cry...
I know. I know.
I should just try and make the very lady-liked decision to smile ... :) and wish everybody a great year!
oh my God! I have a lot of wishes this year!!! so I close my eyes and wish deeply deeply ... deeeeeeply... everything I want!
oh and I have the greatest new year's resolution list this year! (ha ha!) .
I like resolution lists. I do it every year and at the end of that year I look back at it and say : Yes girl! you made it! or sometimes: ok honey it's ok.maybe next year! ;)
it's really helpful. and maybe writing it down here makes me feel like I'm more prone to doing this cause someone has to check in with me! ;)
so wish me luck!

  1. working intensely on my final project
  2. improve my English and take the TOEFL test
  3. learn French
  4. lose 8 kilos!
  5. take more care of my family and my {love}
  6. drink more water & take my vitamins
  7. get to use my little camera everyday
  8. get a job
  9. save money to buy a fine camera
  10. learn more about photography
  11. still take my design classes after graduation
  12. plan for as many travels as possible!
  13. learn how to swim
  14. take sewing classes
  15. start illustrating again at home
  16. read more books, watch more movies
  17. learn the names of all flowers
  18. walk and observe the beauties around
  19. learn to accept that things happen in my life that aren't on my schedule
  20. try to focus more
  21. cook and bake more
  22. find the best way to get close to my darling Shoaleh :)
  23. document more of my life
  24. love my life more and live it!
fantastic! I'm 24 and I have 24 resolutions!!!
as Farshad said this year is mine!
and I say :



niloofar said...

Hon,I also close my eyes and I deeply wish you Happy new year and los of succes
and you 2 please pray for me that I can be happy

parisa mahmoudi said...

Sale no mobarak!!!
Omidvaram sale khubi dashte bashi va be hame arezuhat beresi.
Be Happy