Friday, March 19, 2010


Twelve photos from the past twelve months.

Last year had so many ups and downs for us here. Lovely personal moments and sad social days. I don't like to mention those awful days we had last year, though I will never forget. But I can think about the beautiful times I  had and smile widely! :)

I am so looking forward this new year. I am so praying for peace. And I am so hopeful.

I'm still working and thinking about my resolutions list. All I know right now is that I want to be more productive, more creative, and less a dreamer. Here is my last year's list.


~ Shaista : Oh it's fabulous; yes I will post about it definitely! :)
~ Simone : Thank you so much dear!
~ Robin : wow Robin! It made me happy! :)
~ Jeanne-ming : Thank you my dear :)
~ Annabelle : Thanks dear Annabelle! xo
~ n a t s u m i : Thank you so much Natsumi! :)
~ شهریار : I am happy that my blog makes you feel close to your missed ones. I've never been away for a long time from my family and friends but I am sure that would be the hardest of things. I hope you have a lovely Nowruz and a great year. I hope this year goes for us, Iranians. :)
~ spudballoo : Aw Judith I will tell you more about Nowruz, and right now I am packing some light for you. :)



Elisabelle said...

All these are fantastic!!!!

Ida Nielsen said...

Oh the light and perspective in these! Love, love, love! Please stay just a little dreamy. Dreamy is good :-)

Annabelle said...

Happy new year! What beautiful images... a resolution I think you should add is KEEP dreaming - it makes life so much better :-)

naomi megan. said...

happy new year to you love! i can't even choose a favorite photo from the twelve you posted. in love with them all.


شهریار said...

since i start to read your blog and know you and your personality i found you and your little place so amazing and so interesting.i have a lot of questions that i would like to ask and i have an ocean of words that i want to text to you.but i'm really busy these days because of my university exams,i need a free time to choose between them and ask the most important ones :)
what a great job that you have respect for all of the comments and reply them one by one.really really you are a polite and fantastic person that are really valuable to know them and their experiences. your friends are so lucky.

Anonymous said...

Those photos are just gorgeous. They all are. Love the perspective you have taken them from, the colours and the shadows. Your resolutions sound great:) I'm often a little too dreamer as well, but being a bit dreamy is a good thing, I think!:-) Happy happy New Year for you! Hope next year will be wonderful for you:)

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

these photos are so beautiful. the light and the tones and the stillness. i hope this year will indeed bring some good things for all of us.

Ulrika said...

I agree with the girls above, these shots are beautiful!
Happy new year!!

Emm said...

These photos are so lovely! I love the muted tones. Happy new year! You seem more cautious this year, for sure, but just know it is not wrong to dream. But with dreams comes the responsibility to make them real.

Lisa said...

The photos in your blog are all lovely. I'm looking forward to follow it :)

Sara said...

Happy new year, Shokoofeh!

Jodi Anderson said...

You said it so very well because, while the last year had good moments ... damn, it was so frustrating at times. I feel like a mouse on a while.

Taking one moment at a time, like looking at one photo at a time, seems to help.


Robin said...

No need to thank me! It's a rarity that I get to use any language other than English these days.

I hope your new year begins full of peace and joy. :)

in company with sparkles said...

These are so beautiful Shokoofeh, I love your photography as always. Happy new year! So interesting, I didn't realize you had a different one!


Jeannette said...

Happy new year, Shokoofeh! And that the new year may bring you wonderful moments.
All the pictures are beautiful but my favorite is the one with the red bench....I wouldn´t to sit there and have some quiet time.

Anonymous said...

okay, always difficult to post a comment when all is already said.. the photo's are so good, the light and the colours. the fact that all photo's have the same masters hand.
I wish you a good and peaceful year.

Mandy said...

The jam jar photo is so great !!!!!