Thursday, March 18, 2010


We're getting ready for Nowruz.
I didn't write my resolutions list yet.
Tomorrow I am going to buy some little gifts, and I will make some more during the holidays.

Dario makes my heart beat faster sometimes. Love him so much.

~ pien : Thank you so much dear Pien. You're surely gorgeous. :)
~ Rhianne : Thanks lovely.
~ Karin : Yes Karin you're so right. I feel blessed. Thanks! xo
~ Jodi Anderson : Thank you again Jodi! :)
~ Sarah : Thank you my sweet friend!
~ Ali : Thanks Ali. :)
~ Inna : Thanks girl!
~ Robin : Thank you Robin. :)
~ Laura Hegfield : wow it's lovely Laura. I hope you will have a great birthday as well. Yes time moves so quickly... And it always feels different, that's the beauty of life. :)
~ Anna Emilia : kiitos Anna Emilia! It's so exciting that I am receiving "happy birthday"s in different languages! :) hauskaa päivän jatkoa!
~ CindyH : Thank you Cindy. :)
~ Ju : :)
~ Pravina Studio : Oh thank you so much for the sweet comment.
~ Maria-Therese : Thank you so much, love to hear that.
~ spudballoo : Thanks Judith! And the cake was super delicious! ;)
~ شهریار : Thanks Shahryar.
~ in company with sparkles : Thank you so much dear Cait! :)
~ Sara : Oh thanks lovely for asking. Farshad had a problem he couldn't make it. It was sad for both of us.
~ Jeanne-ming : oh dear I hope your mother is getting better now. Thank you so much for the lovely message.
~ Kiki : Thanks Kiki! :)
~ likeschocolate : Really? I hope mine will be great too. thank you so much! xo



Annabelle said...

Just looked up what Nowruz is, so Happy New Year, or Happy Nowruz Shokoofeh! Looking forward to hearing about how you celebrated..

Jeanne-ming said...

he is adroable! and I know what you mean, about living a little fellow so much that your heart my fly out of your body. Your photography dear girl, gets better and better. Your post on portraits were incredible.

Robin said...

Nowruz Mobarak Shokoofeh!

Simone said...

Happy New Year and Happy Spring my friend! I hope your day as well as the rest of the year is grand, warm and wonderful!

Shaista (Lupus in Flight) said...

It is almost Navroze for us Parsi Zoroastrians too - will you post a special Nav Roz day post? And tell me exactly how you celebrate the day? So I can do it too in my own home. I would really enjoy that soooo much :)

شهریار said...

Hi,how are things with you? i feel everything is going good.i can feel it from miles miles away from where you are.
in this new year and in this norouz i'm far away from my family and my friends in IRAN.i miss them a lot.but with your blog i can feel that i'm not too far from them.i can see how does it feel when you are close to your family.thank you's better to say: Speechless,speechless,that's how you make me feel,though i'm with you,I am far away and nothing is for real (from the Michael Jackson's song,Speechless)
wish you a happy new year and a great and memorable Norouz.

spudballoo said...

I had to look it up too! So happy new year and thanks for teachning me something new. Gorgeous photos as ever...just lovely...send me some of that light would you? x