Tuesday, July 6, 2010


03 July

1. A little collection of my lilliputian creatures.
2. Lunch. Healthy and beautiful.
3. A closer look of lilliputians.
4. Things I have in my bag.

I want to tell you something : 
The thing that I love the most about blogging is ... that my readers are from all over the world.
I truly can't explain this feeling, but I am sure if you're also a blogger you definitely know what I am saying.
It's wonderful, isn't it?!

I sometimes take a look at my blog stats and smile.
And imagine myself in your cities and towns.
I see myself in New York or in Arizona visiting Grand Canyon.
I see myself wearing colorful dresses in New Delhi ...
or enjoying the rain in Warwickshire.

The thought of being in Calgary or London, Bohinj in Slovenia or Tampere in Finland, Göteborg or Kuala Lumpur, Seoul or Tokyo, Erkelenz in Germany or Ecatepec in Mexico...
The thought of visiting everywhere in this world is amazing! 

 update : It seems that comments don't show up here in comment section.. I get them in my e-mail so I can read them but they disappear a few minutes after you leave them here. What's happening?! Anyone has any idea?



Sara said...

awwww I know the feeling!! But there's a girl sitting in her office overlooking the busy, busy Cairo streets that looks forward to your posts, too!

inna said...

I definitely know what you're saying, and that's one of my favourite things about blogging as well. It is wonderful!:)

Shokoofeh said...
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Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Yes, I feel the same way about my readers being from all over the world! It makes the world feel a little smaller and reminds us that we are all not so different from one another.

bicocacolors said...

i am agree with you, this is fantastic!!!!
i looove your lilliputian creatures!!!
greetings from Spain

Dira Nrv. said...

wow wow I like ur artwork. Indeed, visitor/reader from anywhere possible in this world is coolness.

Karen said...

I LOVE your paintings. They are terrific! Greetings from Seattle, Washington, USA!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

yes, i know what you mean.
count belgium in, dearie. :)))

Robin said...

I feel exactly the same way about blogging. It's a chance to share my little slice of life with yours. :)

Ida Nielsen said...

Those lilliputians are amazing. If you ever want to do a swap let me know, ok?

Jeanne-ming said...

Yes yes yes! I love it too, dear lovely from Tehran. I think it is so true that we are all much more alike than different.

American Taiwanese blogging from Tokyo

Louis Duke said...

Germany is so wonderful.
We're there right now.
It is a very artistic place.
You would love it.

adelewill said...

Nice blog you have there! Yup, I feel exactly the same way you do..

Keep inspiring people! :-)

Greetings from Malaysia!

busma said...

and the thought of being in Hong Kong as well ^_^