Sunday, July 11, 2010


Good afternoon!
I am here for a short update.

I've started a tumblr blog. A place for gathering everything inspiring I find around the web. You can follow me here : 
A New Simple Tumblr!  I am sure you will enjoy it. :)

And for being more connected to the web world there is still a "links part" here. 

- Spread the love of mixtapes! The mixtape project
- One great illustrator on Flickr. Simona Cordero.
- Bursting balloons photographs.  Edward Horsford, interview and tutorial. Amazing!
- Dyeing with plants. CozyMemories. My new obsession.
- Temporary drawings on sand, earth and ice. The art of Jim Denevan.
Very beautiful.

Good Day! xo



Allister Bee said...

ooooh. very lovely!!

Robin said...

I love your tumblr! :)

Anonymous said...

that photo is AMAZING!

parisa mahmoudi said...

Didam va kheili lazat bordam az tumblr,mamnoon!

Cake haee ke dorost kardi,kheili khoshmaze benazar miresan,yum!!! :P

Ba in havaye garm che mikoni?Aslan nemishe raft biroon! :(

Ba arezoye baran va havaye ali baraye hame