Tuesday, March 31, 2009

and ... !

and I received the best birthday present ever!
Look how it is beautifully wrapped up!
Thank you Farshad!

{smells like a blossom garden...}


Farshad said...

I'm really glad that you liked it dear and remember you have another blossom garden in my heart.

The Daily Poster said...


setarehb said...

......doosetoon daram... :-) :-*

Daisy said...

My dad is Iranian and I go back to tehran quite often, however I have not beem for a few years. All my family still live over there and I miss them a lot.

You have a lovely blog ! :)


Kheira said...

I've just discovered your blog through those of English muse..and i'm loving it.
The guy with you is handsome.
I am French and really glad to see how the internet is able to link people throughout the world.
You,in Iran, me in France .. what a world !


Nancy Magoo said...

his jumper is amazing!