Friday, March 27, 2009

because sometimes... I feel so empty inside

I feel sleepy.
I feel bad.
I feel ... empty.
maybe I need to go on a picnic...
yes, pretty sure; I need nature.
if you please take me out to a picnic?! ...



niloofar said...

Dont Dont please Dont Feel bad :*:*:*
in chand roze forsat nakardam comment bezaram :(
vali hamaro didam va! hal kardam

Micaela said...

hugs sweet girl!
i would love to take you out on a picnic... if you don't mind if i bring some wine! ;)

hope you're feeling better!

Maya said...

That is something i would say! Whenever i feel down i think i need to go to a picnic :D. I would make a picnic for you if i was there and not in finland, i love you blog!