Sunday, March 1, 2009

me & my friends : { rooftop photography project ! }

Yesterday was a great day!
we were supposed to take some portraits for a project we are in.
so we gathered round at Mani's place and photographed on the roof!

{photos by Mani Nilchiani & Honey Hashemnejad and somehow edited by me!}


Mani said...

Awesome! We should do crazy stuff more often :D

niloofar said...

I envy you guys i wish i was there :D
p.s honey you are so cute in this photo im going to miss you :( :X

Rock It said...

Sounds like you have great friends and the rooftop project sounds fun.

The Daily Poster said...

(Sweet little dreams are always attainable, you just shouldn't let go of them...) the sky looks particularly amazing

Dario said...

I thought it is our home!
So nice! Windy and cold? I guess one of the days u won't forget. and so lovely is my little Shokoofeh, so much i love u