Friday, March 6, 2009

This is so watch it!

Oh... and I just found this one by Carlos Lascano. it's soOoOo sweet!!! don't deny yourself a pure pleasure that comes by watching this bewitching animation! it's adorable!

What did it remind you? ...Ain't it like this? :
"You're a little girl... sitting in the classroom... painting your dreams,your thoughts...then a sweet feeling comes to your heart... and a smile on your wee face...thinking about "the man". yes, the man of your life! everything seems so so far and delicious indeed!"

Oh {LoVe} is sweet. and watching this videos makes me feel so blessed,cause all those dreams are real now...


Farshad said...

Hey when did you get us cartoonized?!
Love you.

Setarehb said...

:-) ...engar ke harkodum barha ino moroor karde! ;-)