Sunday, March 8, 2009

wakefulness or sleeplessness?!

I don't get what the problem is... but I know there's a problem!
my head is exploding from pain ... and I couldn't help it!
well... I just need to relax on a comfortable sofa and shut my eyes forever!
silence world! silence please!


The Daily Poster said...

Hello Shoko, this is the world bestowing an ample amount of serenity upon you, you are free to take as much as you want, please do remember that you are always welcome back in the noisy side as well.


Dario said...

I love the white room, so comfy, cosy, and bright and SILENT, isn't it?
You know that, I love silence too, but forever??????????? No my darling!
listen to a nice voice or music or laugh of a baby... I hope I could send Dario to laugh for u and break ur silence nicely.

Dario said...

and by the way! today is international women's day...

Farshad said...

What's wrong with you girl?!
there's no need to shut them forever,that was just a common headache. now take my hand and come up cause I want to jump on these kind of beds for hours with you :D