Monday, April 20, 2009

after a great walk with a great mom in a dreamy rainy weather ...

what do you think is the best choice?!
can I just say, tea + chocolate cupcake is the best!

{p.s. Farshad is back and I'm so exited for tomorrow to prepare a lovely breakfast!}


The Daily Poster said...

Can I just say yum! You are a pro yourself but I thought you'd like to know there is this little confectioner in Motahari, Gha'em-Magham called The Golden confectioner,

قنادی طلایی

They have these amazing chocolate cup-cakes which look axactly like the one in the picture. You should totally check them out some time!

Now where do you get yours from!?

P. said...

Oh, heaven. I like ginger cookies or shortbread with tea. Or chocolate cake with very strong coffee. Hmmm...I'm hungry.

Sholeh said...

i give a world to have all that, rainy day, Mom, walk, Mom, tea, Mom, cake, Mom, and you and you and you and Mom

Sara said...

I think your boyfriend has a beautiful name..what does it mean? I am familiar with "Rashad" but not "Farshad"
is that a picture of Foll/ Arabian Yasmin? I have an almost identical tea mug! (I prefer clear ones for tea)

Hamed said...

the first two pictures are awsome there's just a little talk about the view finding and the contrast I think.
but the middle macro is better.

I would say: Good luck with your breakfasts!

Grace Albaugh said...

I love your pictures Shokoofeh! They inspire me.


oh the Golden is my favorite! so yummy so yummy! Have you tried its Gata? {that Armenian sweet bread} oh my! so good it is! Let's have a sweet tour friend! what's your idea about Lord Cafe?

Yes dear it is a lovely name with a beautiful meaning : {HAPPY} . well he's my happy man! :)
so what does Rashad mean?
and; yes I think it's called Yas or Yasmin...


The Daily Poster said...

Yeah I have, they're pretty good, I've had better elsewhere though! I haven't been to Lord Cafe! Where is it? Take me some time!

niloofar said...

یادت میاد وقتی با منا دوست شدم بهم چی گفتی؟
من نمی خوام تو این همه دوست جدید پیدا کنی
نمی خوام باید به کی بگم؟
تازه شم من هم اون شرینی فروشی رو خیلی دوست دارم هم لرد رو

lapalomita said...

Your photos are beautiful. & remind me of visiting my family. This is my first time commenting, but I love your blog!