Thursday, April 9, 2009

I love these hands ...

first of all !
thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments!
reading your comments made me feel so blessed!
and feel like I have a lot of friends all over the world!

thanks dear Tina for making this!

so... here we go

Do you spend time with your mother?
while she's cooking or working in the kitchen or when she's doing the home-mother stuffs?!
I do.
and for me; this is one of the most joyful moments of the day. I sit there and start looking at her. at her hands. her face. her eyes.
sometimes she talks to me and I don't hear!
in those moments I'm nothing but a watcher!
because ...
She's complete. she's calm. she's perfect. she's adept. she's divine.
she's beautiful!

{I love these hands so much ...}


Grace Albaugh said...

I was happy to see you on my site. I'm just getting it set up so be patient with me.
Yes I love remembering and making memories with my mother. They are heart felt and warm.

tut-tut said...

What a beautiful tribute! Lovely photos. You make me miss my own mother!

Dario said...

miss you 2 so much

The Cottage Cheese said...

Your blog is beautiful! I'm so happy that Tina sent me here!

Hamed said...

What a praise! I appreciate!

I do spend time with my mom too but not watching her doing!
there's i don't understand: "sometimes she talks to me and i don't hear!" are you putting "blank reading" part?
by the way, these are masterpieces!

Meghan said...

ohhh...i do. And I rush my time with her so much. I have the exact same hands as my mom and many times i look at them and they totally remind me of her.


Tina said...

This is fantastic!! (and thank you for the nice words) You're wonderful!! Love your blog!

Sholeh said...

My darling, this is no surprise to me that your blog has turned so popular. It is really fantastic and I am so happy that it is a way for your brilliant heart and brain to express their inner beauty. I have always loved the way you write, since the time you were very very young, and now your fantastic writing style combined with your talented photography has made your blog full of life and feelings that attracts absolutely anybody. good luck and thanks for all the beauty that you bring to my life everyday.

The Daily Poster said...

Hey there... I feel full-heartedly happy for you :)

The Socialite said...

Great post! It makes me want to go hug my mom! ;)

abby jenkins said...

Oh that made me shed a tear of joy. thank you....

niloofar said...

I totally agree with sholeh and I always envy the way that you and your lovely mom working in kitchen and how you are close to each other
your kitchen is the most peacefull and friendly and comfortable kitchen that I ever see and I have a lots and lots of good memory in there
I hope that she always be healthy and cooke a lot of yummy candy and delicious meals
say hi to her and kiss her
and also say hi to you kind and lovely dad tell them I miss them