Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy 2nd birthday, our greatest happiness!

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{Note} Dario has started his own blog for about 1 year and a half! yes; and it's a fabulous one! but since his mommy is too busy with him, his aunty Shokoofeh has decided to continue this lovely story! yes! and She's so exited about it! so check this darling blog and wait for more exiting posts from birthday party!

p.s. I miss him so much and I'm dying that I cound't participate in his birthday party ... :(
p.s.s. I took this photo when he was just 2 months ... :)


sophie said...


thank you very much
that's a lovely photo ^^

Sarah said...

Shokoofeh you're an incredible photographer. Of course I'll be checking out the other blog! Thanks for the tip!

Sara said...

I checked the blog! Mama should update more! Oh don't you just love the detail s? I have a burning desire to visit Iran since you showed your gorgeous pics of Isfahan (was it Isfahan?)

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

Happy birthday little one!


Sarah---> oh thank you so much dear for this sweet compliment! :)

Sara---> I hope you can come visit Iran, I promise I will be a great host! :)

Sholeh said...

thank you my darling. please do update his blog as it seems that i won't.
and we misses you so much in hid birthday. really really so much in every single moment of that.

niloofar said...

You are a wonderful photographer shoki junam
love him since he was born and I wish this cute little boy happy birthday
Guys did you know he start to play piano :D