Thursday, May 21, 2009

I laughed a lot! check this cool website here.
via Michelle.


Farah said...

Hey dear,
Thanks for the suggestions and advice. by the way, love those charts! especially the last one; reason why women go see 'X-men origins: Wolverine' !! well I watched it coz i was familiar with the comics and the cartoon. and also its all the hot muscly men are plus points! LOL

parisa mahmoudi said...

Khodaeesh kheili bamazan!Kolli khandidam!Mamnoon!
Va hamintor mamnoon az comment va tabriket!Ali bood!
Shad Bashi

niloofar said...

The Rock one realy ROCKS :D
I love it

White Rabbit said...

It's's all true!

Sara said...

LOOOL I LOVE THOSE!! thanks for sharing :)

emily said...

ohh i love it. made me giggle at work :)


The Daily Poster said...

Priceless! I loved it! Oh and yeah I'm finally back!