Saturday, May 9, 2009

yes I do care.

I received another award from a lovely girl the other day!
I am so pleased to see this lovely stuff in blogging world. to give little awards... to receive them... to make others happy... to become happy by others...
but you know the point is that we don't really know each other and we can spread our loves this much.
we don't really know each other and we care about each other so much... {or at least I think so}
to be frank... some days I wonder what it is all about?!
isn't it so great that we people are so connected to each other?!
isn't it so important that we can feel each other?!
is it really all that important to you ?!
I'm not sure about your answers... but for me; I have a big YES!
yes; I do care. I do love. I do enjoy. and I do appreciate.

these are my 7 favorite - this morning - things!

  1. Farshad's voice on the phone : "wake up darling, It's morning!"
  2. my mom's vanilla cake
  3. Caramel Cappuccino
  4. the white Irises smell in our house
  5. some ideas for The Mother's Day
  6. my blog
  7. your blogs!
thanks again sweet PinkLotus!

p.s. I will write about some favorite blogs soon!


Sara said...

I care too (and I love you!)
This morning, I love having my dad around (he works in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and he's here on vacation) he gave me a kiss goodnight, just like the old days!


oh Sara it's sweet. I miss that "old days" kisses too much... I could cry!...

{love you too darling girl}

The Daily Poster said...

[re:] Ohum!

This post is wonderful :)

You know... well ok this was supposed to be a secret but oh well! It's amazing Shokoofeh how I've been thinking about you almost all the time ever since I found out about you, and I think it's a huge pity to be living in the same city as a wonderful person like yourself and not meet! So stay tuned if your interested ;)

+ my favorite things for today are stripes, spirals, and when my hair dries up neatly! lol


The Daily Poster said...

Oh and I love it when you update soon!


Neda ---> hey! I'm SO VERY MUCH interested! thank you for telling me the secret! sometimes some "secrets" are so so sweet to hear... you know?
I feel really good my friend. really really good! :)
thank YOU!


Farah said... are such a sweet girl! and i really do love your blog! and that you care about it and its readers. =)

Meg said...

Yes to all of your questions! Just because we have never met and may never meet doesn't mean that our connection is not an important one.

Why do we love it when someone we have never met leaves a comment on our blog or is now following our blog? Because we feel connected and validated.

I am like you. I do care. I do love. I do enjoy. and I do appreciate.


Annabelle said...

OOh lovely favourite list, made me feel happy :-) mm your mum's vanilla cupcake sounds delicious!

Diana said...

nice list! congrats!

Grace Albaugh said...

There are many ways we can feel connected to each other and blogging is just one way. Thank you for your insights and your love! I send you my love as well!

Cuileann said...

What a sweet waking!