Friday, June 5, 2009


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Pink Lotus from {In Full Bloom} loves Lotuses!

There is always something whimsical about Lotus in my mind. and when I found these beautiful pictures the other day,this feeling got stronger. it's a really beautiful flower with such a rich concept behind.
I found a note by the last picture(right, down) that was interesting for me :

It is said that seeing a lotus in your dream, represents growth, love, purity, beauty and expansion of the soul.
Lotus comes from the Greek word "lotos" and the Sanskrit name is padma, it is an ancient and universal symbol.
"It is the flower sacred to nature and her Gods, and represents the abstract and the Concrete Universes, standing as the emblem of the productive powers of both spiritual and physical nature.
It was held sacred from the remotest antiquity by the Aryan Hindus, the Egyptians, and the Buddhists after them; revered in China and Japan, and adopted as a Christian emblem by the Greek and Latin Churches, who made of it a messenger as the Christians do now, who replace it with the water lily.
It had, and still has, its mystic meaning which is identical with every nation on the earth" (SD 1:379 - Theosophy Dictionary on Lotus).

A few days ago I saw this pond on the left of the road, somewhere, in the Indian state of Bihar as we were driving from Varanasi to Bodh Gaya.
It was early in the morning at sunrise and it was still very foggy, there were many lotusses waiting for the sun and their reflection on the muddy waters was providing a dreamy kind of atmosphere.
I thought then that showing this image upside down would emphasize the effect...

I'm not getting tired of this {flowers} story! I'm learning so much and this is what I really want! :) besides; I can feel your beautiful smiles :)
Am I wrong?!


Thank you dear Pink Lotus for playing!

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Farah said...

Hey I just took the 'What flower are you?' quiz and my result was 'Snapdragon". I am not really familiar with them but maybe you can find some images and the story behind it? Love what you are doing with this flower concept though. you really are putting a smile on all our faces =)

pinklotus said...

wow! these are lovely... You're so great shokoofeh... You made my day.... THANKS a bunch!

G said...

Oh, how I love your blog. You are so right, I can't help but smile when I visit.