Wednesday, June 3, 2009


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M.C.L from {Une Envie de Sel} loves {Peonies}!
be sure to check her blog; because she has the cutest daughter and a lovely blog as well.

p.s. Peony means shame.
oh really?!

{pictures credits}{left to right, up to down}:
Miel et Soleil - .nevara - honey.huckabee - catmil


Yoli said...

I had no idea peonies meant shame! LOL but agree 100% Maia's blog is one of the most beautiful blogs out there and her daughter is just perfect. That little hat picture of her sends my heart affluter.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Oh my goodness! I step away from your blog for a couple days and look what blooms here! I just spent a few minutes basking in all the GORGEOUS flower collages you made for were not kidding when you said you had a good eye for picking photos! These are just stunning and have brought light and happiness into my afternoon! Thank you!!

emily said...

i love all these posts of flowers. thanks for lifting my spirits!! gorgeous.