Tuesday, June 2, 2009

She's a real { L I L Y } ... !

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{ Niloofar } means Lily!
she loves { water Lilies }.
she is one wonderful, lovely and great friend of me!
she's a real beautiful Lily ...

and I miss her like crazy these days...

p.s. water lily means wisdom.

{photos credits}{left to right, up to down}:
halifaxlight - alles-schlumpf - me! :D - samuli ikaheimo - suyiself

{background and label credit}:


G said...

I love the water lilly pics. and I've never seen a frangipani before. I think they've just moved onto my fav list.

niloofar said...

وای خدای من
چند روزی بود که غیبت داشتم و این پست فوق العاده رو ندیدم
مرسی بهترینم که گل مورد علاقه منو به این خوشگلی گذاشتی اینجا
راستی چرا من ویزدم نیستم؟:D

niloofar said...

shoki you can not Imagine how much you make me happy and fortunate by posting this blog