Thursday, June 11, 2009


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Shaddy from {Paper Cut Screams} took the {what flower are you} quiz and her result was {Sunflower}!
it's great Shaddy, thank you for playing dear.

{please view the full sized images by following links}{left to right, up to down}:
abbytrysagain - juli - laura tj - lifelovepaper


Shaddy said...

Thank you, Shookefah.

My goodness. You've put together a sunny collage with four unique displays of bright faced sunflowers.

You've made me feel special today and I'll be peaking at your creation every chance I get.

Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness.

Diana said...

i love this collage <3

Nissa said...

I love your collages! I would have submitted jasmine as my favorite flower, but someone already did. Anyway, I took the quiz and I am a Daffodil too! :o) Keep up the absolutely charming work!

Kristin said...

Such a happy flower!