Thursday, August 13, 2009


My darling cousin, Arezu lives in one of the cutest towns in the world! Frirzlar is a very small German town with a storied history. it's a beautiful, green and tiny place with smiling people!
Obviously we had the greatest time there!

Some highlights included :

  • Nature, nature... nature! it's a beautiful word which we forget sometimes in our lives. I've decided to keep it more alive in myself. maybe I should make a scheduled program for it.
  • The family, people whom I hadn't met for years and I missed them a lot. this trip was a great opportunity to see them again.
  • The sky, is always different when you're on vacation! don't you think so? ... during my trip I enjoyed it a lot.
  • Breakfasts, mmm! they were great in Germany! they have the best breads in the world!


emily said...

it sounds so magical already. i love the photos. you took them from good angles :)

Simone said...

Thank you for sharing your adventure! Your photos always make me think of family, home, food - which is a very good thing!

poet said...

Hooray for German bread! I really miss that... though I should just get myself a bread baking machine and make my own bread.