Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I am completely in love with this inspiring photo of ceramic mugs I found {here}! Each one is so individually artful and pretty!
and what do they remind you of?! please think!

They remind me of the lovely bloggers' society! imagine! An afternoon tea party which we all participate! sweet, ha?!
I really like the idea!

and yes I am still sick. and the past two days weren't "way much better" days at all; the weakness and headache are here as well! ... but thank you so very much for your beautiful concerns! they really helped! they "always" really help ...

wish you simply healthy days!


Shaddy said...

Please rest, rest and rest some more. We need you feeling yourself as soon as possible.

Jeanne-ming said...

If I was there, I would make you hot tea and put a cold damp wash cloth on your head while I sat beside your bed and told you a good long story until you fell asleep.

poet said...

Oh, I hope you get better - and yes, a global blogging tea party would be a splendid idea. Though it might be difficult with the whole different time zones thing... I used to have tea parties all the time with my roommates, especially when we were feeling under the weather... Get well soon!


dinosaur toes said...

That picture really is beautiful! It makes me want to start a mug collection of my own!

Down Pillow said...

What an amazing collection of ceramics - love it :) I'm such a sucker for cute & pretty dishware.

Michelle said...

What a cute idea! They could be started up in all different cities!

in company with sparkles said...

Shokoofeh, I've absolutely loved the photos you've been posting lately! This one just makes me downright happy. It brings to mind little coffee and wassail parties at our house - and more in the future!

Sara said...

Oh please feel better already!
this is a lovely photo- each is beautiful and unique!

lavelle said...

Oh i hope that you are feeling better!

This collection of mugs would look lovely in my kitchen


Kiki said...

A pretty cup is like a little piece of a comfy home.
I have many different cups at home and they all have a different meaning and feeling..Some I painted myself, some are très Parisian for a little coffee, others are very Sunday-morning-take-all-your-time-to-wake-up with your loved one.
Its little things like these that can put a smile on your face, and a day with a smile is already a very good day.

Take care, and drink some hot Thyme tea with little pieces of ginger and hot orange juice all together. Add some cane sugar and you have an all natural antibiotic. And it tastes good!
Take care!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

huzzah!!! what an incredible photo!

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