Friday, September 4, 2009

IT FEELS ... { B E A U T I F U L }

Hello my good friends! I hope you're all enjoying one beautiful September day!

For me, it's beautiful today. I am feeling fresh and ready to start a great month. I know I am 4 days late! I am always kind of late for starting every new step. and well ... I want a new step now!

My last few days were beautifully wrapped in thoughts and ... in {love}!
I love to think, though it's so so hard for me! is it the same for you? lovely but hard? ...

well now I'm done and feel great to start over!

I have tones of plans so I am making some lists I will share with you later!

and ... I am so in love!!! it feels really beautiful!
and so do these beautiful photos:

Emilie's photographs are so magically wonderful that I couldn't pick only a few of them!!!
so check her {Flickr} if you want some more magic!

Happy Friday!


Sara said...

I've missed you, really.

Thinking makes me afraid. It scares me, but I like doing it all the same :)

poet said...

I agree. Though this is beginning to sound like the cliché that women are less intelligent than men (and we wouldn't want to give them that impression!) - real, deep, philosophical thinking, the kind where you question everything from the foundations up, is both hard and frightening. Creative dreamy thinking, though, is lovely.

I'm also happy that September is here, but at the same time I am already exhausted. School started recently, and I'm teaching 3 discussion sections this semester!


Simone said...

Deep thoughts are only hard when you try to stop and own them..allow them to flow, hold them for the moment you are blessed with them and let them go, evolve or become more thoughts..September is the perfect month for their arrival and hopefully by the time the winter months arrive you will be well introduced to those thoughts that are yours to consider and keep you warm..:)

Jeanne-ming said...

I think and ponder too and often feel it is hard. That is because my heart will tell me one thing and my head, another. When they agree, my head and heart, then the thinking is no longer hard. It's a relief and then time to act.