Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Tomorrow is officially the first day of Autumn! so I just thought that it's nice to share some information about Iranian calender with you. well Persian or Iranian calender is known as the most accurate calender so I think it would be interesting for you, my non-Iranian readers!

"Iranian calender is solar, with the particularity that the year is defined by two successive, apparent passages of the Sun through the vernal (spring) equinox. It is based on precise astronomical observations, and moreover uses a sophisticated intercalation system, which makes it more accurate than its younger European counterpart, the Gregorian calendar.
has a long, multi-millennial history with deep roots in the Persian culture, in particular the Zoroastrian heritage.
The present version of the calendar results from a reform led by the famous astronomer, mathematician, and poet Omar Khayyâm.
The new year festival, called Nowruz, from Persian now "new" + ruz "day", is also a Zoroastrian legacy with many cultural significances, symbolizing the awakening or rebirth of the natural life after barren winter.
In spite of its outstanding status, mainly its precision and rationalistic characteristic of relying on detailed astronomical observations, the Iranian calendar is poorly known in the West"
(read more here)
In much simpler words; every season includes three months completely. and when we say it's Autumn it means a new month starts, which is called Mehr(22-23 September), the first month of Autumn.

well, tomorrow is Mehr 1st. and we should say goodbye to dear Summer. Maybe it's not bad to take a look back and see what it brought to us:
  • Hard days for my country.
  • A new camera.
  • One European trip to France and Germany.
  • Lots of experiences.
  • Visiting very beloved people.
  • My phone which was an exciting gift from Farshad.
  • Again, continuous days of hardship and pride for my country.
How was your summer?


Paulina said...

what great information about the calendar! I graduated from college with many Iranians, and I am so impressed with persian culture and history.

Here is to a bright autumn and even brighter future!

in company with sparkles said...

That's very interesting! I wish we could feel fall here. I'm determined to get in the mood anyway.

cali bird said...

I love the patterns on the table & how it makes everything so bright! Fall is here & I really can't believe it!


@cali bird -> Dear,it's not table cloth, it's an Iranian carpet :)

thank you!

Randi Lee said...

Wow, that's very cool. Looking forward to Autumn here in the US as well! Hopefully it will bring easier/more fruitful times for all countries!

Summer was swell, but oh it's SO nice to welcome in a new season!

Simone said...

Fall is my favorite season..something about enjoying the harvest and settling in to prepare to contemplate and hibernate during the winter months and plan for the Spring and possibilities of change ,,..did you can those peaches :)?

Turquoise Diaries said...

Saying good bye to summer with peaches is very appropriate . I love them. I also bought a table cloth very similar to yours from Esfahan. I love using it..They are very good..

Saskia said...

I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to summer (but maybe that's because the UK didn't really get much of a summer this year)!

I do love the colours autumn brings though... so warm, rich and homely.

Saskia x

PS Saw that you also got a new Canon this summer... me too!

emily said...

i love those donut shaped peaches!

Ritva said...

you have a beautiful blog with great photos-
thank you for visiting mine!

hope that you will have a great autumn!

Emm said...

Noooo! (wails) Summer can't be over!!! (pouts)

jane said...

really interesting! happy autumn! besos!

Ju said...

Thanks for sharing all this info.
I like Autumn here in the UK, but too quickly after then comes winter and I can't stand it.
Anyway, thinking of you and for better times there in Iran, land of so many amazing, generous, creative people.

Velo said...

u have many great photos. i like it so much.

Jeanne-ming said...

Happy Mithra, dear SHOKOOFEH. I read your excellent post this morning to my husband, who asks me each morning how you are. I read more on the links regarding the Iranian calendar and was pleased to see that this month is about
Sun, friendship, and promise.

My summer has been delightful because I have come to know you. You bring sunshine to my day, friendship and oh, so much promise for all the corners of this world.

Happy Mithra!