Sunday, September 6, 2009


Here are some photos I took during my trip in Kassel.

oh how I love taking pictures from the sky... sometimes you can find the most perfect compositions through the clouds! no wonder ... there is {the perfect artist} out there above ...

see {here} and {here} for more photos from Kassel and from the sky!


as I told you I am making a list for September. there are still things to be added but here are a few of them :

1. start doing Yoga!
2. lose two kilos. {it's not bad for one month, is it?}
3. go to dentist ... eek!
4. have beautiful polished nails.
5. start the TOEFL classes.
6. long walks.
7. vitamins and water!

and more to come!

Good night!


Ju said...

The last one is my favorite today ;)
(I've been postponing my dentist appointment for the past 5 months... )

Jeanne-ming said...

my only advise to you is not to worry about your English or the Toefl. Your English is elegant and poetic. English is normally not so beautiful until you use it and then I think to myself..."Wow, I love the way you use I love the way you use English." If you get it too perfect it won't be as expressive.

But the dentist....that you have to do!

emily said...

oh lovely photos as always. you are so talented! i wish to have lovely polished nails too :)

Kristin said...

Fabulous goals and even more fabulous photos!

Sara said...

I want to lose weight to!
The pictures are beautiful!x

Down Pillow said...

Wow, some really beautiful photography :) I really really love the second one.

Paulina said...

Oh these pictures are so beautiful!

and I love your september list :)

Clementine said...

I just popped over here from P's What Possessed Me and I had to comment on these photos---they're utterly gorgeous. What talent you have. Thanks for sharing!

Emm said...

I love your photography and I love the samples of other people's art and photography that you feature on your site. You have a really beautiful blog.