Sunday, October 18, 2009


I got cold, again. And I am so in the mood for a travel to Fritzlar. Just looking at my travel's photos and well... miss my cousin and that wonderfully peaceful area.
So now I think I am going to make one cup of mint tea, add a teaspoon honey and squeeze a lemon.(That's my cousin's recipe and suits for any kind of sickness!) ... Play some great music.  Take a beautiful catalog and try to relax.

Happy Sunday.


Jeanne-ming said...

My dear dear sweet one,
It has been fun tonight catching up on your last posts. While I love traveling and working in China, I hate that blogger is blocked. It is as if the sun is blocked out.

I just returned from China a few hours ago...home in my studio with a little jet lag. I have a show this coming Saturday and so will paint like crazy.

Amanda Nicole said...

That certainly sounds like the best remedy. Rest up :)

Anonymous said...

These photographs are so beautiful!

Shaddy said...

I'm so sorry you've caught another cold. I like your plan though. Pamper yourself in every way you can imagine. You shouldn't be under the weather.

jessicaleighlalou said...

Tea always helps.. :) I hope you feel better! These are beautiful photos! :D

Tanja said...

Get well soon! I admire but I am little bit afraid of horses. Great pictures!

Ju said...

Aww poor you darling. I also got a dreadful cold that keeps coming back. Here in UK we have a sachet medicine called Lemsip, and you drink it as a tea; it is the only remedy for me. That and bed; but since I have two little bouncy girls to look after, the bed option is out of bounds hahaha.
Get well soon.
Love the horses pictures.

Shokoofeh said...

Jeanne-ming~ Oh dear you have to let us know more about your show! I am so happy for you and can't wait to see and hear more! xo

Amanda Nicole~ Yes dear. Sometimes it's fun to plan your cold days at home! haha...

Louis Duke~ Thank you young man!

Shaddy~ Okay lady! :)

jessicaleighlalou~ Thank you so much!

Tanja~ I am a bit afraid of them too Tanja! I adore them but can't get very close to them. I wish I could take some close ups from these beautiful creatures!

Ju~ Aww I know what you're talking about Ju. I think I should enjoy these days of sickness at home with my mom who instantly is taking care of me! :)

Paulina said...

yummmmmmm mint tea with honey and lemon!!! enjoy your sunday!

Anonymous said...

Extraordinairy photographs- they are just so beautiful!

Thank you so much stopping by my blog today. I love yours!


Ida Nielsen said...

Peaceful photographs-I like them a lot. Funny; I always drink mint tea w. lemon when I'm sick too (actually I always drink mint tea but I only add the lemon when I'm sick-it just taste soothing to me somehow ;-) ) Hope you'll feel better soon!

Shokoofeh said...

Paulina~ :)

Amy~ Thanks for visiting! Welcome!

Ida~ Ain't it just the perfect thing?! Thanks dear.

Daisy said...

Oh lovely !