Thursday, October 29, 2009

Personal Details Tag

Janis has tagged me! So here are some personal details about me :

1.Modern dancing is currently my constant dream.

2.Farshad and I are in relationship for seven years and a half.

3.I eat too much cheese.

4.I know a little German.

5.I drink warm tea with warm food.

6.I worry too much sometimes.

7.I love my blog more than I thought.

8.As a kid I had a strong obsession to collect pretty things. I had great collections of rubbers, leaves, stickers... Recently the feeling is coming back!

9.I can be too emotional at times. 

10.I am a pillow lover! Haha... ask Farshad, he just said that!

Now it's your turn! Love to hear some personal details!

{Photo of me by my friend, Niloofar}


Rhianne said...

we have so much in common - though I don't know any German :)

MODsquad said...

LOVE this shot!

janis said...

seven and a half years - wowza!

emily said...

"3.I eat too much cheese."

you and i have this in common! i looove cheese. have some cheese today, ok?

Yellow Book said...

What a beautiful little post!

Anonymous said...

OOh I love getting to know people better. This was adorable!

Wow, 7 and half years... Congratulations!! And I def eat too much cheese myself, but that is ok because cheese makes everything better. LOL


Cassandra Marie said...

Hey there! I recently discovered your blog and think it's lovely! So I just wanted to stop by and say hello :)


trinsch said...

it's the little things that makes the personality :) thanks for sharing.

and the photo is so lovely!

kristina said...

what a lovely photo!
about me: I hate to get up early in the mornings :-)

Shaddy said...

About me:
1. I'm getting better with age, on the inside, that is.
2. I adore writing on my blog and reading and commenting on my friends' blogs, especially yours.
3. I like to exercise while listening to audio books.
4. I'm not one who craves large social gatherings.
5. I snore, loudly.
6. I wish I had the unselfishness that my husband possesses.

Thanks for sharing your personal list, Shokoofeh.

Shaista said...

Hi Shokoofeh,
Here's something personal about me. I have never been to Iran, but being half-Parsi (Zoroastrian) it feels like my original homeland. Not least because Rumi is one of my great poet-heroes. One of my ancestors was a Sufi saint so it is in my blood!
Today I posted a piece about a Poem from the Rooftops of Iran - have you read it/heard it? Come and read it, tell me what you think.
I love your post called Corner View: Love, with the polaroid of you in a green headscarf, yellow flowers behind you. Stunning!

in company with sparkles said...

I love this peaceful pretty picture. Perfectly you.

Kiki said...

1.This year I promised myself not to get an autumn/winter dip by baking cookies for others and it's working really well...

2.I have long and absolute useless conversations with my two cats and they don't seem to mind very much

3.I love following your blog, more than I thought!

4. I'm totally into the music of Little Dragon lately (Swedish band with japanse singer)

5. I wish I saw my grandma more often

6. I love sleeping and also have a favorite pillow, I call it my 'beige vanilla square'

7. I cry when animals get hurt

8.My dream is to have the guts to expo my paintings

9. My friend Daniel and I dance in the bathroom in the morning

10. I'm very intrigued by beautiful creative women like you, Shokoofeh, and your friends.

Cheers! Have a splendid weekend!

Ida Nielsen said...

Sweet!! Nice to know a little more about you ;-)

Sara said...

And you are one great, great friend :)

Sara said...

And you are one great, great friend :)

onesilentwinter said...

we share similiraties! althought must be iced cold or extra hot:)

Karin said...

Lovely picture. I really like the flower in your hair.

And about the tea: Hot tea can go with everything, doesn't everyone feel that way? ;-)