Friday, November 27, 2009

GUEST POST : Hello All


Hello dear A New Simple Something! readers!! I am so glad to pay you all a visit over in this lovely corner of the internet. I feel an introduction is in order:

My name is Paulina from Mona May I. I like hot chocolate with marshmallows, the smell of freshly cut grass and homemade bread. I can be nit-picky and wish I had endless amounts of patience. I am different in every way imaginable but then again; I am just like every other 25 year old girl.

It is nice to meet you.

I am here because I fell in love with the energy in Shokoofeh's blog and consider myself A New Simple Something! fan. Her joys, her photographs, her talent for finding beautiful designs, and the love that resides inside of her even when she is going through difficult emotions.

She is so real.

It is so easy to love her, what do you love about Shokoofeh?


emily said...

i love shokoofeh. she is so positive, a great photographer and a great blog friend! i feel blessed to read her blog :)

Jeanne-ming said...

I love Shokoofeh because she has no filter and no edit button. She has no spy ware or blocked sites. Only "Enter, Enter, Enter."

Daisy said...

I think the same as you, her blog is delightful, colourful and s pleasing on the eye. She writes from her heart and rally makes me smile!

Sholeh said...

I like her kind eyes and her sky-like heart. I like the way she sees every thing, feels them, touches them and the attractive style of her writing about them. So simple , so real and so deep.
I love her innocents, lovely childhood that I remeber well and that has extended un-changed well into her adulthood. well, I love my little angel sister for everything in her.

Rhianne said...

I love her because she is so kind and honest as well as an amazing photographer and great blog friend.