Wednesday, November 18, 2009

GUEST POST : A Virtual Hug

Yesterday I forgot my cell phone at my friend's place and I have to tell you, I felt relieved.

I felt relieved from being tied to an outside world forcefully. Of having to meet everyone's expectations of my picking up when they call. Or the danger of texting while driving. Or the noise of my ring tone...which has turned into a burden.

Yet, this morning I woke up late because I didn't set my alarm, and I am itching now, to talk to someone or call anyone. That's when you realize the merits of the internet!

Hadn't it been for the internet, and hadn't been for blogs...there would have been a million things that I don't know of. Tens of friends that I wouldn't have made. Hundreds of ideas that would have been left unexplored- unexpressed.

Hadn't it been for the internet, people wouldn't have supported one another in times of hardship or crisis, sending thoughts and prayers and positivity to everyone who needs them . We wouldn't have been guided through the Cairo streets during the Obama speech! (it was a trending topic on twitter)

It personally amazes me that Iran and Egypt aren't on good political/diplomatic terms and Shokoofeh and I share this very special bond :)

Having said that, I need your support, everyone!! Today is the final qualifier between Egypt and Algeria..if we win, we are qualified for the World cup, it will be the first time in my lifetime and the lifetime of many many Egyptians. My generation needs your prayers :)

PS I promise I don't engage in the violence that's been going on and I am not in any way supporting it!

This is a virtual hug to anyone who needs it and virtual support. This is a thank you. This is an apology. This is a smile; a warm sincere smile. You are beautiful. And the sun is out. And it's a beautiful day.



likeschocolate said...

I can understand how technology can sometimes be a burden instead of a help. Good luck in the championships!

Rhianne said...

Great post Sara - I definitely needed a hug so thank you.

Kari said...

love this post - isn't that funny we can't decide burden or convenience.
Good luck in the soccer and thanks for your hug.
Hugs right back at you.
Happy day!

ibb said...

We have to many machinery around.
Need more football!!! ;)

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Beautiful, so true. We are connected in a much bigger way because of the internet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hug, girl! I could definitely use one today. :)

Good luck to you guys in the World Cup!! Sending lots of good wishes your way.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


buhdoop said...

Oh good luck!!! I love the World Cup, I will have to add Egypt as a team I root for :)

Amanda Mae said...

do you live in Cairo??

Some friends of mine are moving to Cairo next spring and they are trying to convince my husband and I to move there for a while with them... we are seriously considering it!

Shaddy said...

Thanks for filling in for Shokoofeh. I'm praying for your people.

Christine said...

I have such a love/hate relationship with my cell phone!

PS - I found you through Blabbing About Blogs :)

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Funny post... And for the soccer, I don't know nothing about it and prayers, but, you have my support...

Jodi said...

how weird - i just got a virtual shiver. love your post. it started out and finished in such different places. can't wait to read more posts. thank you and "go Egypt!"

missy. said...

mmm love me some sara! she is amaaazing.

sara girl, such a beautiful post. you know i whole heartedly agree with you on the beauty of the internet and the people who bring positive light into our lives. such as yourself in my life. looove you.

good luck to your team! hope you win!

alexandria said...

Wonderful, wonderful post!

Paulina said...

I absolutely love the warm light that you spread in your corner of the internet, I am so so honored to be a part of it. Thanks sara!!!

in company with sparkles said...

Technology can be a curse sometimes can't it? Yet the convenience and inspiration and communication can be a well-used blessing. I do miss handwritten letters though, and want to keep them alive. Thanks for guesting Sara =)

Camilla Salem said...

Hi! I just wanted to say that I'm Algerian and while I'm totally thrilled that Algeria qualified I am completely against all of the violence that has gone down between the two. Soccer is supposed to be fun and wonderful not a reason to start a war. So I apologize on behalf of my people for what has gone down on their side and I seriously hope that the negativity and the bad sentiments towards one another stop. We don't need anymore fighting in our part of the world. So thank you for maintaining a healthy view of the sport and for not letting things get political. :)