Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Corner View : EVENING

Today wasn't a lucky day for me. My blueprints aren't acceptable this week, my teacher believes. And even though I was aware that I hadn't worked on them enough, I felt very bad. Bad like I-am-not-a-good-designer-at-all bad.
Do you have those moments as well? That you yourself deny your own positive sides and just soak the negative criticisms? Well I had that kind of moments today. 

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Zoe + Brit : Oh dears, it's kind of local homemade cookie from one of the cities in Iran and called Kermani cookies.Unfortunately I don't know the recipe but I know it's made with date fruit.  :-)
 Thanks everyone, you're all so sweet. xo


Cabrizette said...

Everyone needs doubt to progress... don't be so critic about yourself... Be patient and work, work and work again... "Paris ne s'est pas fait en un seul jour" !!! Have a peaceful evening. Bise

janis said...

I like what Cabizette said, and it's true. Though I do know that feeling and experience it from time to time myself. It's probably not that uncommon... Big hug and hope you feel better soon - your photo is stunning by the way :)

Shaddy said...

I sure do feel like that at times. No matter how talented a person is, I believe he or she experiences self-doubt quite frequently.

Love yourself, no matter what. Please?

pien said...

yess baby, me too... especially when im tired, and i am tired a lot!
but, hey, i am o.k.!
and so are you!

have a lovely evening

Jeannette said...

I think we all know the feeling of `I could have done better`.
You will do better the next time and surprise yourself and your teacher in a positive way.
Have a wonderful week with lots of inspiration!

kimmie said...

beautiful photo .... good evening!

Robin said...

you already are a good designer! if your blog is an indication of your talent, you are well on your way. you will surpass even your own expectations if you keeping going and pushing yourself everyday. :)

Spiralstyle said...

Tomorrow is another day...cliche but true. Meanwhile, I love the photo

likeschocolate said...

So frustrating when you have worked so hard on something and others don't like it. Hope all goes better next time!

in company with sparkles said...

What a beautiful picture. I hope you have a beautiful evening.
Sorry about the blueprints. Sometimes when we know we didn't do well it's still an unpleasant jolt to actually be told that. Don't take it pesonally and I'm sure it will be better next time!
with love;

Theresa said...

Gorgeous photo. Remember to keep a balanced perspective.

muchlove said...

sorry to hear about your day :( I know what you mean though, sometimes the negativity does take over. Don't worry, tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully it will all be better!

la ninja said...
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trinsch said...

i'm sorry to hear you're feeling bad. life doesn't always let us do the things we want to/know we should be doing. then we live and learn. and it certainly doesn't mean you're not a good designer. i am sure you are very talented, so next time you'll spent the time you need to spent.

the photo is just STUNNING!

la ninja said...

of course we do, even proud ninjas. :) perseverance. you'll get there.

faaaaaaaaaaaaaab picture, though!

Emm said...

Wow, that photo is exquisite. I love the blue (my favourite colour).

I'm very lucky at work - I work with figures and buildings and so I find it easy to get it right and do it well. But in my personal life, I discovered this week that all it takes is one negative comment to send me into a spin of self-doubt and to discard everything postive I know about myself and my relationships.

In the end, like you, I opened up and spoke about it and was able to put that experience into a much better perspective.