Saturday, December 19, 2009


Saturdays are boring in blog world for me. You're mostly on your weekends, and me, in this corner of the world, on first day of workweek. So I thought I need to make it more lovely for me, and for anyone who is here on Saturdays. I am already enjoying it, and music. Music will be one big part of my Favorites Saturday. So ... just push the play and then enjoy other stuff.

Life is so beautiful. So beautiful you can't ignore it. All you need is to step back a little and watch how enormously well it goes on!

-Favorite Song :

-Favorite Photograph :

Untitled by Lucie Camp

-Favorite Post : kisses by Fleur Aveunue

-Favorite Handmade to Buy : Janis Textiles And Paper

-Favorite Paragraph : 
I wish I were free...and that you were too. I think of how we would act in such freedom. In a lack of obligations. In total abstraction. Do you ever think how that would feel like and how that could be? To float? 
Written by Sara from One Long Road

Happy Saturday!


Meghan said...

oh i love this...the song is beautiful!
One of my favorite things is catching up on everyone's blogs on the weekends. xoxo
happy saturday

Anonymous said...

Hi, if you are still bored? I wrote a new post on my blog today ( ) and wrote a post for the other one but did not publish it untill I listened to the music from Cirque de soleil here.
Life ís good indeed.

jane said...

yes life is beautiful... warm hugs!

Robin said...

Oh I completely understand! I always try to post on the weekends because I feel like no one really does and I'm on an off time schedule living abroad. :) Thanks for being a Saturday blogger too! :)

trinsch said...

what a lovely idea. i liked all your inspiring favorites. the quote is especially beautiful. happy week to you.

i passed on my honest scraps to you - take a look at my blog. if you feel like it :)

Laura Hegfield said...

Life is indeed breathtakingly beautiful. I'm so glad I stopped by!

gentle steps,

pien said...

lovely music
life is good.
and we did something we love yesterday, check my blog!
like your idea, will join you as much as i can , on the saturdays. cause, hey, who wants that dear shokoofeh to be bored??!!

happy week!

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Life is really great! Just enjoy and have fun every minute of it. Weekends are really being awaited, for relaxation and fun.

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