Wednesday, December 30, 2009


8_mallardcups copy
8_mallardbags copy
8_mallarddetail copy

I really like these pretty package designs by Sarah Walsh. I remember the time when we were supposed to design packages for a tea brand in school, it was really fun for me since I am a big fan of tea. I will share my designs as soon as I find a little time; sigh... that wouldn't happen at least in a month!

Thank you so much for your beautiful comments. I am happy that you are here. I really am.


Shaddy said...

A sight for sore eyes!!

Dani said...

drinking from those beautiful coffee/tea cups would make my morning so much prettier!

chelsea said...

I adore this packaging.

Spiralstyle said...

I'm a sucker for packaging and that is adorable.

Dirty Hair Halo said...

Those prints kinda remind me of Amy Butler fabric patterns. Ever seen them? They're awesome.