Tuesday, December 15, 2009


photo credit : 1. Not Just a Hat... It's a Work of Art, 2. Pacific Heights 2

Today I lost my blogroll, so sad. But a nicer idea came to my mind and I did it. I've made a blogroll page for A New Simple Something, you can find {here}.  It was really hard to recall all my favorite blogs and I am sure that I am missing a few. So I am asking you to send me an e-mail and recommend your favorite blogs, if you wish to share. I think we can make a huge lovely blogroll. Thanks lovelies. 

Now I am off to bed. Tomorrow I will be choosing the date for my presentment. And will be seeing Farshad. We're going to buy a scanner for me. And I think it might bring some surprises for you! 

Good night, xo


Bugeyed Lindsay said...

love this accessory.
would be a nice variation to bridesmaid bouquets.

Ida Nielsen said...

Ohhh, is that my picture? Thank you so much for showing it here ;-)

Good luck on the scanner ;-)

Sara said...

gorgeous picture! It's so irritating when that happens...happened to me once :)

I added you on facebook :)

janis said...

I want a hat like that - or maybe just one to keep on the shelf to look at ;) ... beautiful photo!