Monday, December 7, 2009

... V ...

Zoe : Yes that's right, and it's not limited to pollution. 
Selma : Oh, lucky you that live in a small city... Sometimes I get really tired of this heavy traffic and sound pollution... 
trinsch : I know what you are talking about dear. I also wish I had a bicycle. but it seems a little unappropriated for the city I live in.
cali bird : :-)
Metropolitan Mum : Oh I wish I could send you some! I didn't know that there's no pine there in Lonodn.

Ju : Yes, let's save the planet!
kristina : Thanks dear.
Shaddy : ;-)
Robin : wow that's wonderful, I may need to hear more about your story.
Dani : Oh do you have a bike?!
Emily : Thanks girl.
Cait : oh darling, I didn't know that, what a shame! You beautiful young lady!
Brit : That's right, little things can make  huge differences.
nadia : oh no dear I didn't. But I wish I could make such lovely socks!
Line : :-) it's great.
angela hardison : Thanks! :-) xo


Ida Nielsen said...

PERFECT capture!!!

Shaista said...

Stunning shot Shokoofeh, the grainy texture of the marble steps, the stillness of the watching bird against the flurry of movement below.. amazing!

Sholeh said...