Monday, January 11, 2010


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What does table mean to you? Is it a place to showcase your favorite stuff or share some home-cooked meals with family and friends? I always love to see what people put on their tables. I think it's a little way to know them better.

I've gathered some  favorite pictures of table tops in a Flickr gallery. Take a look.

p.s. Do you see my blog's header? I don't...

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Zoe said...

Wow..I love these pictures, extremely beautiful^^
I love that soup too, it's so tasty.

Elisabelle said...

Yes I can see your blog header.

I love table's pictures! You know in France, all is about food ;)

emily said...

i see the blog header!
i wish i had doughnuts and roses on my table.
i have a green plant on my table and that's all. space is an issue.
happy monday!

Sarah C said...

i love our table. it's the only piece of furniture we've purchased together - made out of an old white barn door. everything else in our house is found or give away stuff.

i always look at refrigerators when i'm in someone's home - i love when people stick old pictures and such to them.

Ida Nielsen said...

What a beautiful little collection!

I see your header :-)

in company with sparkles said...

I love every one of those pictures, and I can see your header =)

Simone said...

I see your header - it's light and delicate :).
Lovely pictures. They encourage me to sit at my little round table and honor it, a table that holds and allows the preparation of seasonal and home prepared foods, acts as a work station and an occassional repository of Keys, mail and the stray odds and ends as well as a meeting place for friends and family :) - Thank you.

Anonymous said...

love those photos!

and I can see your header too:-)

ms iella said...

just found your blog and i have to say it's lovely!