Monday, February 8, 2010


Hi... [Yes, I am smiling]... How are you doing my friends? I am doing happily fine! Today was a beautiful cold bright crispy lovely day. We had long walks, we went to cinema and watched a very good movie, again long walks and had great cappuccino with cheesecake. Oh, and we saw the most beautiful frost ever! 
I took lots of (Mmm... okay 70) photos today from frost, so... I think there will be more of these here to share.

~Pittsburgh Perambulation : Welcome to my blog! :-) Mmm... I am going to frame them I think!
~Ju : Dear I have chosen the spoons photo, but she nicely sent other photographs too! :-)



Karin said...

Those are some gorgeous photographs, Shokoofeh. And it's so good to read that you are so happy right now. You deserve it!


Flor M. said...

Beautiful!! I miss cold weather so much!

Reginasaurus said...

I just found your blog and it's delightful! I love your photography and the little crafts your post. I'm excited to read more! xo

Shaddy said...

It appears that you're quite excited about the frost have captured it in your beautiful photos.

If you'd like to get some pictures of snow, come over here; we're expecting several inches of snow in the next several hours. Maybe up to a foot!

jane said...

coffee and cheesecake - the best combo! keep smiling my friend :)

Sara said...

I didn't know it gets that cold at your end!

Julie said...

such gorgeous photos!! and cheesecake- sounds like a fabulous day.

emily said...

wow. those frost photos are so amazing! what kind of camera do you have again?