Friday, March 5, 2010


:: This new part is dedicated to Iranian artists in various fields. I myself am so excited about it. Hope you enjoy as well ::

Rashin Kheirieh; illustrator/animation director/ painter was born in 1979 in Khorramshahr, Iran. She's the member of the society of illustration of Iran.
Today, I've chosen two books among many of her beautiful illustrations. See her whole portfolio.

If I Become Mayor | Korea | 2008

The Orange Love | Iran

Have a nice Friday, everyone!

Ju : I didn't get time to take photo from the red shoes last night... sorry!
Shaista : It's called Taftoon. Is chappatti a crisp bread?
Sarah : Thanks lovely!
Olivia : :-)
Emily : It wasn't a little party at all, but I know what you're talking about! :)
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Rebecca Watson said...

What ana adorable little book! I love your blog!! Happy Friday

Polly said...

they really are stunning, I'm off to see her portfolio

have a lovely weekend

pien said...

you to a nice firday
thnx for the nice pic's

frech said...

Have a lovely Saturday (I checked the clock, it's already Saturday in Ira) and thanks for the info! I love the illustrations! Kiitos, Thank you!

down bedding said...

Really sweet illustrations - thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...


julochka said...

i especially love the first ones...are they based on block prints? the yellows in the second batch are amazing tho'. hmm, yellow...

Bichos da Matos said...

Love her work, I saw it some days ago at Ilustrarte, the International Biennial Exhibition of Children's Book Illustration, in Lisbon! Iran has good artists:)