Friday, April 16, 2010


There are very sweet people around the world which have made me happy so very much lately... :)
Every "art exchange" package that I received put a huge smile on my face, guys. 

Jane Heller sent me this great black and white photograph.

Lovely couple, Nate and Katie from Hearblack sent all these lovely stuff. They recently opened an Etsy shop. I am a big fan, guys! :-)

Yelena, a great new friend is a young fabulous photographer. We are going to be our each other pen pals. 

And this lovely blossom photograph is sent by one of my favorite photographers, Elle Moss.

And if there is anyone who is still interested in art exchange, contact me over shokoofeh.dezfuli at gmail dot com. 

Have a nice day!



emily said...

wow. i'm so jealous. these are amazing.

Elisabelle said...

wow!!! lucky you!!! everything looks amazing!!!
everything looks amazing.
I have been involved in art exchange but kind of lately, so i could not find anyone who hasn't been asked yet and was still interested...
i love hearblack!!! and i am happy to discover all the other links.
happy saturday!!

ps: Solal went to Marseille, he spends easter vacations (a bit late for Paris) with my parents.

inna said...

lucky you! they are all so lovely! and what a great thing to find a new penpal through art exchange! that would probably be my favourite thing ever as I have a huge crush on letters:-)

Daisy said...

Oh gosh, how very lovely ! It is so exciting getting mail I think!

Bart said...

lucky you. what a wonderful way to support fellow artists

Di said...

What lovely things to receive in the mail!

hearblack. said...

so glad it arrived, and that you like it!
we continue to enjoy your blog