Saturday, May 15, 2010


-Favorite pictures : These two photographs from  *Zephyrance took me far into the corners of my imagination... East Asian faces with those middle eastern(Egyptian) patterns in the background... so beautiful !

-Favorite handmade : The prettiest clutches made by Briana E.

-Favorite Polaroid collection : By sicoactiva. So creative!

-Favorite craft artist : Tamar Mogendorff

-Favorite room : Nursery by thebline . So inspiring! 

Happy Saturday.



Erin Wallace said...

Love the photostream! Thanks you to another place . . .

xo - Erin

Meral Erdoğan said...

lovely colors!

Jodi Anderson said...

These photos are super gorgeous. I love the colors and patterns.

Ju said...

Great pics. Are they tapestry in the background?

Rhianne said...

oh,I love your favourites, those two photos are just gorgeous and all the polaorids... wow.

love love love!

ahlin said...

those are really beautiful