Friday, May 7, 2010


We had the most beautiful time this spring with my sister and her family. They left last night and this morning life seemed so hard to me. But these amazing photos(mostly taken by my sister) made me grin, from ear to ear!

Life is good, though it seems like a melancholy truth sometimes.



pien said...

those eyes of all of you!

family is good.

i love my sisters and brother[s] big time
[have to miss one of them, he died almost 2 years ago]

Jodi Anderson said...

The colors in these photos are so brilliant.

I do hate to be away from my family. I'm lucky that nearly everyone lives quite close.

Have a lovely weekend.

niloofar said...

shoki junam
jashun khali nabashe
vasat khaili khoshhalam ke bahare khobi dashti o behet khoshgozashte
miduni ke khaili dustet daram

Caroline said...

I love all of these photos!!! Incredible! xo

uglygirl said...

What a gorgeous family!

Daisy said...


Yelena R. said...

He is such a cutie!

boatx2 said...

"...though it seems like a melancholy truth sometimes."

I love that.
I really do.