Sunday, May 2, 2010

A PHOTOGRAPHER : Thomas van der Zaag

These dreamy photographs of Thomas made me feel so good today I thought I must share them with you. 

Have a beautiful dreamy Sunday!



in company with sparkles said...

Those are beautiful and oh my goodnesss! I know who the model is! She is also a singer, Elissa Mielke, and a lovely lady who writes beautiful songs and loves people. I've never met her but used to listen to her music on myspace =) Absolutely gorgeous.
Thank you for your sweet words Shokoofeh - all happiness to you too!

Shaddy said...

Thank you for sharing these photos of beauty.

Ju said...

Hello darling. I know it's been ages since I posted and looked into my favorite blogs. Hope I can keep up with it. Thanks for popping over. How's spring over there?
Back in England and is bloody cold again :((

Pittsburgh Perambulations said...

I love the light and dreamy feel of these pictures. Thank you for posting them!

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing these photos Shokoofeh :)

Jonas x

Jodi Anderson said...

Dreamy, indeed! Thanks for the morning inspiration!